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Communication Skills

We are experts in communication and communication skills.  In high demand as presenters ourselves, we help you or your staff with all aspects of communicating and presenting, whether that be interpersonal or departmental communications or making presentations to clients or staff.


Business Coaching

From time to time every business needs a fresh pair of eyes and we can come in to your business, looks at your existing communication processes and procedures and supply you with recommendations to proactively move forward.  We offer a free IMA Communications Audit as part of our business coaching service.


A mentor is a business person who has walked your path before you.  Not necessarily in the same business but who can discuss your aims with you and help you identify and achieve your goals.  Mentoring is an ongoing process, during which you will be guided and assisted by someone with the knowledge and experience to move your business forwards.

Confident Communication – Powerful Presentation Workshop – Wednesday 2nd April 2014

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How did the customer marketing department of a major brewery change its entire internal communications strategy?

How did a government department develop better relations with the public?

How did an International publisher of scientific journals ensure that callers were dealt with appropriately, irrespective of the country they were calling from?

How does a company dealing with the recruitment of IT professionals build great teams within their own organisation, and advise their clients on how to do the same?

The answer to all the above questions, and many more like them, is that they were able to develop a better understanding of communication.

Another answer is that they employed Profile Training to look at their businesses and to design and deliver training specific to their needs, whether those needs were for better presentation skills; a better understanding of the way people speak to each other – and listen to each other;  a more efficient way of holding meetings…

Every organisation relies on communication and presentation, both internally and outwards towards their customers, or the people who might become customers.

Profile Training has been helping companies large and small to develop better communication, stronger presentation skills and more efficient teamwork since 1994.


We all communicate, every day. Whether or not we realise it, we are continually communicating using both verbal and non-verbal signals. At Profile Training, we help you make all of your communication clear, concise and effective.

Our business is to improve your business. If you do well, we have done well. We are so confident that after consultation and training with us you will see noticeable difference in your communication skills, we guarantee it.

There are so many areas of life and work that are influenced by our presentation and communication skills that we can help you with, it would be impossible to list them all, however areas we specialise in are:

Presentation skills
Effective interviews
Public speaking
Personal growth and success
More effective communication skills
Media skills training

Every client is different and is treated as such using coaching, training, mentoring or a combination of the three to ensure an effective and long lasting result.  We have been working with business people from ambitious individuals to multinational companies and charities for over 19 years and the testimonials we have received speak for themselves.

We work extensively in the South of England and London as we are available to travel worldwide if required.

It costs nothing to have us look at your organisation to see if we can help you to build better communications into your strategy. Just give us a call.

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